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Jonathan Darmon was born in Morocco in 1944. He studied at the Ecole Beaux Arts in Toulouse, France, and - in Israel - he studied at Ein Hod and Haifa University.

Darmon’s work is defined by clean, elegant lines, and the play of light and shadow accentuates the contrasts in his sculptures. Recently, he has been working with mobile sculptures whose patinas reveal an enchanting variety of oxidized colors.

Darmon’s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries, art centers and museums in Paris, Lille, London, New York, Toronto, as well as cities in Spain and Belgium. In Israel, his work is enjoyed by residents and visitors to Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa:

- His sweeping, graceful piece, “Large Bird,” takes a prominent place on the grounds of the Main Health Center in Haifa.

- “War and Peace Memorial,” a four-meter edifice of bronze and stone, greets visitors to the Public Garden in Safed.

- His work is on display, also, at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas.

- “Joie de Vivre,” a bronze sculpture that stands two meters high, graces the Regional Medical Center in Pomona, New Jersey.

- Several of Darmon’s sculptures have been integrated into the design of the Carmelia Synagogue in Haifa.

- The Jewish Agency commissioned Darmon’s bust of Lt. General David Elazar, which now stands at the Dado.

Many of Darmon’s sculptures have been purchased by private collectors in over 20 cities around the world.

- Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Shevah Weiss, and the speaker of the Canadian Senate, Guy Charbonneau both purchased pieces by Darmon for their personal collections.

- Darmon’s work is also included in the private collections of the Khayat Family of Haifa, the Westheimer Family of Tefen museum, and Merv Adelson, producer of the TV series “Dynasty”.